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Lunch Cruise

2 hours +$44pp
2 hours weekends/holidays +$44pp
3 hours +$44pp

Best Lunch Cruise NYC

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Lunch Afloat!
All-Inclusive Lunch on a Boat NYC

NY boat charters with brunch or lunch and the skyline in the distance and the American flag waving

All-inclusive lunch features classic gourmet sandwiches and crisp salads, the perfect lunch spread for yachting. Let the good times roll courtesy of the open bar. Select your favorite beverage package and, for special celebrations that demand an extra touch of sweetness, the catering menu offers whole cakes and tarts, and additional side dishes. Everything is elegantly presented to make your occasion truly memorable.

Lunchtime Cruises Classic Delights

Embark on an afternoon odyssey that transcends the ordinary. Enjoy a feast of gourmet sandwiches, salads, and an open bar on a private boat charter in NYC. Elevate your lunch game, escape the ordinary on a private yacht —an experience that whispers sophistication and roars luxury. After all, in a city that thrives on the best, why settle for anything less?

Elevate Your Lunch Game with a Private New York Lunch Cruise

Lunch on a boat charter rental isn’t the same as a public boat ride and lunch—this voyage that blends elegance, convenience, and celebration. Cast off into a world of refinement, where every bite is a celebration, and every moment is a toast to the extraordinary.