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Yacht Charters

2 hours
2 hours sunsets/weekends/holidays
3 hours
3.5 hours circumnavigate Manhattan
4 hours
5 hours
6 hours

Private Yacht Charter NYC

Personalized Itineraries
2 to 6 Hour Yacht Tour NYC


Statue of Liberty at sunset in NYC

2 Hours
Best Statue of Liberty Cruise

The minimum 2-hour yacht tour New York is anything but common. Departing from the bustling heart of Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers, cruise into the sparkling waters of the Hudson River where the adventure begins. Float past Manhattan’s iconic neighborhoods — Meat Packing District, West Village, Tribeca, Financial District — before gliding into the middle of the New York Harbor. Here the sky opens up to provide stunning views of the city skyline as well as vistas stretching as far south as Staten Island and the Brooklyn and New Jersey waterfronts. Hold onto your hats as we twirl around world-famous landmarks – Ellis Island, Governors Island, Colgate Clock and, of course, Lady Liberty herself. On these private boat tours in NYC, you can choose to pause and bask in glory of the Statue, or set your sights on the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge, or travel deeper south into the NY Harbor, or back up the Hudson River for a northern tour. Your journey is personalized based on the sights you want to see.

For those who prefer to skip the Statue and Brooklyn Bridge, your charter is truly bespoke. Tell your captain your wishes and dreams and, in consultation with Mother Nature, the captain will safely navigate you through the waterways. Private NYC boat tours let you experience the city up close and personal like never before.

man and a woman during a sunset cruise NY after a surprise marriage proposal on a boat

3 Hours
Discover Hidden Gems on a NYC Private Boat Tour

Embark on a 3-hour boat trip in New York and extend your time with the open sky and water. The most popular itineraries expand adventure and sightseeing in 3 different directions:

North: Hudson River Tour
Journey up the Hudson River and witness the transition from the skyscrapers and boisterous city waterways to the lush greenery along the Palisades Cliffs and calm waters of the Hudson Valley.

Northeast: East River Tour
Lengthen your tour up the East River to see Jane’s Carousel, Navy Yards, UN Building, historic Coca-Cola sign by Long Island City, Roosevelt Island with the city’s only tram, and hear about the lost tales of Bristol Basin.

South: NY Harbor Tour
Cruise the full length of the NY Harbor and visit the expansive Verrazano Bridge linking the islands of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Meet the massive tanker ships as they arrive from the Atlantic Ocean. Then cruise back, approaching the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island just as immigrants did a century ago. From this vantage point, the scale of the Statue and Manhattan skyline is truly impressive. 


woman wearing a hat on a boat tour around Manhattan

3.5 Hours
Circumnavigate Manhattan Island

Experience an extraordinary voyage around the beating heart of the city on this private boat tour Manhattan. Making a true circle around the Big Apple is a reminder that Manhattan is an island, a fact often lost amid towering skyscrapers and bustling streets. The full loop is a unique experience even for native New Yorkers who crave moments without crowds or traffic or gridlock. This boat charter New York City is not just a sightseeing trip; it’s an exclusive retreat, a journey that promises serenity, exploration, and a renewed appreciation for the city’s insular beauty.

small group raising their arms on a private yacht cruise in NYC with the American flag and skyline in the background

4 to 6 Hours
Ultimate Private Yacht Cruise NYC

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey where your New York City yacht rental is centered on your desires. With a longer voyage, the possibilities are endless — cruise north to the Hudson Valley, or east to Connecticut and the Long Island Sound, or south into the Atlantic Ocean with views of Coney Island and the Jersey Shore. Or for those needing premier flexibility, reserve the yacht for the day and come and go at your leisure. Get ready for a luxury adventure where the sky is the limit.



The World Revolves Around You on a Private Cruise

For those in the know, yachts have long been the secret city escape. Yacht trips are your portal to a nautical world with views and experiences that surpasses any rooftop or window view. Feel the wide open sky overhead. Glide across the shimmering waters of the Hudson River and become immersed in the 360 degree views of the glittering skyline. On this classicly designed convertible yacht, breathtaking sights are in all directions without obstructions or crowds or even the need to crane your neck. This is your chance to connect with the city on a deeper level, and experience its beauty and grandeur in a new way. Don’t just hire a yacht, enjoy the best boat trip in NYC.

beautiful yacht for a proposal in Manhattan Chelsea Piers with red rose bouquet

Elegant Deck: Make A Grand Entrance On Your Next Charter Boat NYC

Step into the lap of luxury where the details make all the difference. Picture yourself making a grand entrance on the all-wood teak deck. The U-shaped seating configuration is designed for conversation to flow easily and creates a welcoming and intimate atmosphere without feeling cramped or crowded. This unique yacht rental creates a greater sense of togetherness, the ideal setting for sharing the city together.

below deck lounge of a luxury yacht charter in NYC

Bonus Lounge on a Yacht Rental NYC

Nestled in the heart of the vessel is a second u-shaped lounge with table seating for six, the perfect setting for intimate chats over brunch, lunch, or dinner. Masterfully designed with white upholstery and wood flooring, the interior lounge is a haven for relaxation and conversation. Also below deck is a bespoke lavatory featuring plush amenities including personal cloth hand towels. If you have carry on bags, crew can tuck them out of the way for you. And the kitchenette functions just like a vintage Manhattan apartment – small and stylish in design for crew to provide food and beverage service for your yacht ride.

friends drinking champagne by the Brooklyn Bridge on a boat rental in NYC

Picture-Perfect Small Boat Rental NYC

Personal yacht rentals provide exclusive access to the vibrant waterways surrounding the island of Manhattan. A small yacht has the unique ability to pirouette on the open water providing your party with the best panoramic views. Feeling adventurous? Turn your boat ride of NYC into a luxury adventure with off-shore excursions. Whether you opt for a 2-hour excursion or full-day odyssey, you will discover your own unique path.