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NYC Yacht Charters

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Picture-Perfect Private Yacht Rentals for Small Groups

Imagine yourself gliding along the shimmering waters of the Hudson River, and taking in the breathtaking sights of New York City from the deck of your very own yacht that is both luxurious and private. For those in the know, yachts have long been the secret escape. Indulge in a world of leisure with breathtaking views – all in the heart of the world’s greatest city. More than just a boat hire, this is your chance to connect with the city on a deeper level, and experience its beauty and grandeur in a new way.

outdoor deck with white cushions and teak deck of a New York yacht charter floating on blue water

Check Out This Deck! Make a Splash with a Charter Boat

Step into the lap of luxury where the details make all the difference. Picture yourself making a grand entrance onto the wooden teak deck. The chic u-shape lounge provides expansive space for six guests without any feeling of being cramped. The configuration is designed for conversation to flow easily and creates a welcoming and intimate atmosphere. This unique yacht in NYC creates a greater sense of togetherness and the ideal vessel for sharing the city together.

below deck lounge of a luxury yacht charter in NYC

Head Below Deck: Adventure Meets Bliss on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Nestled in the heart of the vessel is a second U-shaped lounge with table seating for six, a perfect setting for intimate chats over brunch, lunch, or dinner. Masterfully designed with white upholstery and wood flooring, the lounge is a haven for relaxation and conversation. Also below deck is a bespoke lavatory featuring plush amenities such as personal cloth hand towels. If you have carry on bags, crew can tuck them out of the way for you. And the kitchenette functions just like a vintage Manhattan apartment – small and stylish in design with crew and caterers preparing food and beverages for your party.

The World Revolves Around You on a Private Yacht Charter

Sail into timeless elegance with an open-air deck. Classic and sleek, the outdoor deck keeps the views of the glittering skyline unobstructed and lets you feel the wide open sky overhead. On this yacht charter NYC, delight in the 360 degree views as the Big Apple pirouettes around you – all from the comfort of your seat, without the need to crane your neck or miss a single moment on your private small boat charter.

A personal yacht provides exclusive access to the vibrant waterways surrounding the island of Manhattan. Turn your tour into a luxury adventure. From basking in the views of the skyline to off-shore excursions, the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you opt for the 2-hour, 3-hour, or up to a 6-hour journey, you’ll discover your own unique path. The magic is waiting.

Outdoor deck lounge with open floor plan
 ⋅ Indoor cabin lounge with table seating for six
 ⋅ Retractable canopy for sunbathing or full shade
 ⋅ Sound system with Bluetooth connection
 ⋅ Champagne & catering menu
 ⋅ Bottled water & seltzer provided
 ⋅ Luxury wraps & blankets
 ⋅ Lavatory with personal cloth towels
 ⋅ Manhattan docking fees & cleaning fees included

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