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Statue of Liberty Tour

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It’s A Must!
Statue of Liberty Cruise from Chelsea Piers

Lady Liberty is perched in the middle of the New York Harbor on Liberty Island. Unlike other islands in the city archipelago, Liberty Island is not connected by bridges or tunnels. Unless you’re able to walk on water, the only way to reach the statue is by boat. For the best sightseeing experience, take a private yacht and skip the lines and crowds. Enjoy close-up views of the iconic landmark, a personal history and architecture guide, and the luxury of relaxing onboard and returning to the city renewed and refreshed.

Statue of Liberty Boat Ride Comparison: Budget to Luxury

Making the pilgrimage to the Statue of Liberty is a must-do activity while in NYC. Some take to the air on a helicopter ride. Others will visit her by boat. The public ferry is one option. It will get you from point A to B, but at the price of feeling like an Ellis Island immigrant in steerage class. Brace yourself for long lines (average wait 1.5 hours), packed bemches, and herded masses dropped from pier to pier.

The first-class option is a private boat ride. Discover the delights of New York City on a luxury yacht where the journey is just as important as the destination. Sightseeing should be fun and enjoyable, not a checked box or a chore. Cruising Manhattan in style creates a memory that will stay for years to come.

Want to see more of the city? Take the Boat Tour Around Manhattan and gain a comprehensive understanding of the true nature of the city.

Outdoor deck lounge with open floor plan
 ⋅ Indoor cabin lounge with table seating for six
 ⋅ Retractable canopy for sunbathing or full shade
 ⋅ Kitchenette stocked with bottled water & seltzer & tableware
 ⋅ Champagne & catering menu
 ⋅ Sound system with Bluetooth connection 
Luxury wraps & blankets
 ⋅ Lavatory with personal cloth towels
 ⋅ Manhattan boarding/docking fees & cleaning fees included

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