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Boat Ride Around Manhattan

3.5 hours

Circumnavigate Manhattan
Best Boat Tour of NYC


Island Unveiled on the Ultimate Boat Trip Around Manhattan

Embark on a nautical odyssey. The Manhattan island boat tour is a complete loop around the entire isle, the most comprehensive tour of Manhattan’s waterways including 21 bridges, uninhabited islands, and hidden jewels along the waterfront. The journey is an artful dance between the vibrant metropolis and the serene waters that cradle it. Glide past the seals basking in the sun along the secluded Spuyten Duyvil Creek. Watch in awe as sea planes gracefully touch down on the East River. Catch tankers navigating Hell Gate, an impressive sight of massive vessels in narrow channels.

couple on a boat charter with the NYC skyline and American flag

Discovering Still Waters on a Boat Around NYC

As the boat charts its course, spot NYC’s only tram passing overhead from Roosevelt Island to the Upper East Side. Leave behind the bustling, sometimes bouncy New York Harbor, and enter the still, quiet waters of the Harlem River, where the cityscape softens and time seems to pause. In olden days, this lazy river was the secret playground of the rich and famous, a destination for picnics, racing, and pageantry on their private yacht cruises. Now, rowers from Columbia University skim along the water’s surface. It’s a panoramic tale of contrasts, where the city’s vibrant heartbeat harmonizes with the gentle lull of the waves.

friends on boat rides around nyc with champagne
Expert Captain & VIP Experience on a Boat Tour Around Manhattan

On this cruise around New York City, the captain orchestrates a truly exclusive experience that almost feels aristocratic. Witness the captain radioing low-lying bridges to raise their spans. In one of the busiest cities in the world, traffic comes to a halt just for you on your private yacht cruise around Manhattan (cue the royal wave). Relax onboard as the captain navigates the deep channels and shallow creeks, revealing a unique passage off the beaten track.

Your captain is a storyteller weaving local tales that stretch back to Manhattan’s original inhabitants, the Lenape, to the more recent legends about the birthplace of hip hop. From the architectural marvels of Hudson Yards to the enduring charm of the Little Red Lighthouse, your captain is your personal guide providing expertise, wit, and a touch of salty charm.

new york evening on a boat tour near the brooklyn bridge

Landmarks & Highlights 

• Statue of Liberty
 • Ellis Island
 • Governors Island
• Brooklyn Bridge
• Financial District
• East River
• Long Island City
• UN Building
• Historic Pepsi Cola Sign
• Roosevelt Island
 • Empire State Building
 • Harlem River
 • Randalls Island
 • Yankee Stadium
 • Washington Heights
 • Inwood
• Hudson River
• George Washington Bridge

 • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
 • Hudson Yards
 • The Edge Building
 • Little Island
 • Hudson River Park
 • Battery Park City