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Marriage Proposals

2 hours
2 hours sunsets/weekends/holidays
3 hours

Float Into Happily-Ever-After
Renting A Boat for a Proposal in NYC

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Proposal Packages

Love Boat · $250
The ultimate romantic setting! Arrive with the entire yacht adorned with red rose garlands, bouquets, and heart-shaped pillows. Surround yourselves with flowers on the deck lounge and the private cabin lounge below. Includes a complimentary bottle of Moët & Chandon Brut Reserve Imperial, and a lighted sign of your choice: Love or Will You Marry Me?

Surprise Proposals · $150
Delight them with the private cabin lounge transformed into a secret romantic oasis with rose garlands, bouquets, heart pillows, and the essential Will You Marry Me sign. Complimentary bottle of Chandon Brut Cuvée included.

Rose Bouquets · $150
Bouquet of two dozen forever roses in a gift box, 100% real roses delicately preserved to last an entire year, the perfect memento of your special day.

Champagne & Catering Menu
All-inclusive menu, open bar packages, cakes & tarts, and bottle service.


Take The Plunge
Unforgettable Boat Proposal NYC

Crisp breeze on the Hudson River, glittering skyline in the background, and gentle rocking of the boat on the water — yachting lets you float into the very best proposal. As the sun sets, order champagne and then ask the question that will change your lives forever. Out on the water, the answer is always “Yes!” Or perhaps you prefer a creative approach with the crew to bringing out a cake or bouquet of flowers or card with the message “Will You Marry Me” (our crew are the perfect wingmen for your private proposal NYC). Or go all out with a proposal wonderland onboard. Arrive with the yacht adorned with rose garlands, bouquets, heart pillows and the essential “Marry Me” sign.

A private boat cruise NYC grants you the freedom to express your love without interruption or distraction. 

From Public to Private
Turning Famous Landmarks Into Private Places To Propose In NYC

New York City is a place of endless possibilities, and what better way to start a new chapter in your life than having the city’s most iconic landmarks serve as the backdrop for your marriage proposal? Imagine kneeling with the Statue of Liberty standing tall behind you, or with the World Trade Tower gleaming in the background. Or perhaps you prefer the timeless beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge, with its soaring arches and sweeping views of the city skyline. The best part? These world-famous sights are all yours on a yacht.

In a city as bustling and crowded as New York, privacy is a modern-day treasure hunt. A private boat is the exception to the rule. Step onboard into an oasis of romance and intimacy. What better way to celebrate your love than surrounding yourselves with the glittering skyline, the majestic bridges, and the peaceful waters? Out in the middle of the NY Harbor is one of the best places for boat proposals – a special place to pop the question without gawkers or hecklers. When it comes to romance, privacy is the ultimate luxury.